Skill and Fitness

Skill and Fitness Levels

Skill Levels

Level 1 Green – Beginner with little or no experience

  • Comfortable riding on wide gravel/dirt paths and doubletrack (quad) trails.
  • Little or no experience on singletrack (narrower than 45 cm) trails.
  • Keen to try something new and fun.

Level 2 Green – Blue – Beginner with experience

  • Comfortable on smooth singletrack (green mountain bike trails)
  • Some experience riding blue singletrack trails
  • Comfortable navigating obstacles such as roots and rocks up to 10 cm tall.
  • Looking to ride more efficiently (climbing, cornering, controls)

Level 3 Blue – Intermediate

  • Confident riding green trails and most blue trails.
  • Can climb and descend under control on moderately steep sections of trail.
  • Looking to increase confidence on challenging sections of blue trails and through rooty and rocky sections.

Level 4 Blue – Black – Strong Intermediate

  • High degree of confidence on blue trails – comfortable on some black trails.
  • Can assess and adjust to ride a wide variety of terrain on the go, (rocky, rooty, loose).
  • Keen to improve on the drops, higher speed corners, steeps.

Level 5 Black – Advanced

  • Confident on black trails (steep, loose, technical terrain).
  • Comfortable at higher speeds through a variety of terrain.
  • Looking to learn/improve line choice, technical climbing, medium jumps and drops.

Level 6 Black-Double Black – Advanced/Expert

  • Confident on highly technical trails including jumps, drops and elevated trails sections.
  • Comfortable on terrain with sections of exposure large features (natural or manmade)
  • Keen to tweak form on larger jumps, technical steeps and maybe looking for a guiding job.

Fitness Levels

Level 1

  • You pretty much take it easy in your day-to-day life.
  • You can ride for up to 1 hour at a relaxed pace with the occasional break.
  • Consecutive ride days would be a challenge.

Level 2

  • You can tackle 1-2 easy climbs in a ride (about 150 vertical metres in total).
  • You are up for 2 hour bike ride at a moderate pace (with breaks)
  • Could handle consecutive ride days (up to 3).

Level 3

  • Capable of riding 2-3 hours at a moderate pace with some breaks.
  • Comfortable climbing up to 300 vertical metres in a ride.
  • Can ride multiple times per week.

Level 4

  • Can maintain a moderate pace over a 3-4 hour ride with few breaks.
  • Comfortable climbing up to 750 vertical metres on steep terrain in a single ride.
  • Can ride multiple days in a row.

Level 5

  • Comfortable maintaining a moderate pace over a 3-4 hour ride. Could do so up to a 6 hour ride.
  • Capable of steep, sustained climbs up to 1500 vertical metres in a day.
  • Can ride long days, multiple days in a row.