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Medical Conditions

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Fitness Level

Please select one fitness level.

Level 1 - I pretty much take it easy in your day-to-day life.

Level 2 - I am up for 2 hour bike ride at a moderate pace (with breaks).

Level 3 – I am capable of riding 2-3 hours at a moderate pace with some breaks.

Level 4 – I can maintain a moderate pace over a 3-4 hour ride with few breaks.

Level 5 - I am comfortable maintaining a moderate pace over a 3-4 hour ride. Could do so for up to a 6 hour ride.

Skill Level

Please select one skill level.

Comfortable riding on wide gravel/dirt paths and doubletrack (quad) trails.

Limited experience on singletrack (narrower than 45 cm) trails.

Keen to try something new and fun.

Comfortable on smooth singletrack (green) with some experience riding blue singletrack

Comfortable navigating obstacles such as roots and rocks up to 10 cm tall.

Looking to ride more efficiently (climbing, cornering, controls)

Confident riding green trails and most blue trails.

Can climb and descend under control on moderately steep sections of trail.

Looking to increase confidence on challenging sections of blue trails and through rooty and rocky sections.

High degree of confidence on blue trails - comfortable on some black trails.

Can assess and adjust to ride a wide variety of terrain on the go, (rocky, rooty, loose).

Keen to improve on the drops, higher speed corners, steeps.

Confident on black trails (steep, loose, technical terrain and small jumps).

Comfortable at higher speeds through a variety of terrain.

Looking to learn/improve line choice, technical climbing, medium jumps and drops


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This grant includes, without limitation, and without reimbursement, the right to publish such images in RMRG documents, PR/promotional materials, advertisements and any other RMRG-related publication.

These images may appear in any of the wide variety of formats and media now available to RMRG and that may be available in the future, including but not limited to print, broadcast, video and electronic/online media.