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Like thousands of kids, my cycling adventure started a long time ago on a little red bike that was handed down to my family from my older and cooler cousins. In spite of the fact that my little sister mastered the two-wheeler before I did and I’ve never really heard the end of it. I nevertheless persevered and continue to love riding more than ever!

Glen Allen, Rocky Mountain Ride Guides
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Glen Allen
Glen AllenCEO Founder
Head Guide


Glen Allen
Glen Allen
Owner Guide
PMBIA Level 1
Wilderness First Aid
Ken Germaine
Ken Germaine
Guest Coach and Guide
PMBIA Level 2

What People Are Saying

Glen is an outstanding instructor. I cannot recommend Glen highly enough and will certainly use him in the future as I continue to develop my skills on the trails.

Robert T.

I loved your course…learned so much through your thorough presentation and super chill but focused style.

Rhonda D.

Excellent instruction. Get immediate feedback on technique. Very helpful for skill development

Andre R.